The Pair to Benefit Feet Everywhere

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THE PAIR TO BENEFIT FEET EVERYWHERE It’s the match even Heaven couldn’t have made. Sock Club has now partnered up with Sock it to 'Em Sock Campaign to help widen our reach and grow our donation efforts in getting socks to people that need them. Sock Club is a custom sock company based in Austin, Texas committed to making fully customized, high quality, made in USA socks for companies large and small. From Fortune 500 companies to your local mom and pop store, we knit them all. We also offer unique sock subscriptions to freshen up your [ ... ]

Bombas Delivers 300 Boxes

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BOMBAS SOCK COMPANY DELIVERS 300 BOXES OF DONATED SOCKS TO THE DENVER CAMPAIGN Now, in 2020, we have had Sock Ambassadors in 41 states, our youngest is 4 years old and our most senior is in her late 70’s. We have had Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Doctor’s offices, Real Estate Agencies, Athletic Clubs, Churches and multitude of others who have become Sock Ambassadors. Their task is simple: put the word out, that they’re collecting socks, put out a cardboard box, we’ll provide a sign for it or may find themselves like kids in school decorating [ ... ]

Thank You To Our Corporate Donors Like Centura Health

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THANK YOU CORPORATE DONORS HELP PUT SOCKS IN SCHOOLS AMAZING day yesterday!! Garrett and Noah came over and accomplished so much it was mind boggling: unloaded 10 Sock Drawers, broke the boxes down, carried the drawers in the house, carried in the socks, helped organize the garage, folders flyers and loaded 8 of the Sock Drawers all in 2 hours!!! These are the Sock Drawers purchased by Centura Health - thank you Kimberly Lindsey and team and the socks were the socks collected at the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation’s Tournament. These Sock Drawers will go into Middle [ ... ]

Sock It To ‘Em at Camp Experience 2019

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CAMP EXPERIENCE 2019 5K+ IN SOCKS THANK YOU Lyndsey Cotter McLaughlan for 42 more pair of socks taking Camp Experience Group sock count to 5,434 pair!!! “Sockingly” wonderful. This already makes a banner year for the campaign from Camp Experience once again and we're still going. Thanks to all who contributed and to those who will. The CampExperience™ Network is a one-of-a-kind women’s group with monthly networking, sponsored social events, and an annual Fall Retreat. We are designed for women, by women who are ready for education, inspiration, and connection to a network of other amazing women. [ ... ]

Our Sock Ambassadors

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SOCK AMBASSADOR PROGRAMS CONTINUES TO GROW Help us welcome new sock ambassador in Manhattan KS. Sue Gilmartin. She learned that Regina Walker Schroeder, the current Sock Ambassador, would be retiring and moving away, so she stepped into the position. Sue is currently self-employed as a contractor with the State of Kansas. In her free time, she enjoys attending football games at KSU, playing with her three dogs, coordinating dinners for wounded soldiers along with her husband, and volunteering for The FIT closet which is a recipient of socks. This is where she first learned of the Sock It [ ... ]

Sock It To ‘Em and The Denver Rescue Mission

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SOCK IT TO 'EM CAMPAIGN DENVER RESUE MISSION Great week when the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign can give away approximately 1,600 pair of socks to Denver Rescue Mission. 600 pair to Jessica Chavez for Damascus Road, 800 to Denver Human Services and 400 to Travis Singhaus for Impact Humanity store These contributions this week happened because of our Sock Ambassadors and our support from MadSportsStuff!!

Meet Susan Elizabeth Lee

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MEET SUSAN ELIZABETH LEE SOCK IT TO 'EM SOCK CAMPAIGN IN LONE TREE In 2011, 7:00 pm on Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I was shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and as many of us would have been, I was deep in the thought as to who would be coming to dinner, needing to clean the house and how much food to buy. I was not thinking about the homeless, knew nothing about the homeless and suddenly without warning there appeared written in my head, like a continuing marquee banner, yellow block letters with a red outline: SOCK IT TO 'EM SOCK [ ... ]

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