Do you work in a local city or government position? Are you or is a family member a local police officer, sheriff, or fireman/woman? We are fortunate to have city employees and members of several police and fire departments that support us every year by coordinating city-wide and county-wide sock collections! They go the extra mile to show their communities how much they care for the community members by organizing sock collections, and often even delivering the socks to local shelters or to local group homes for children.

Let us know if you want to get involved and we can share about:

Several cities efforts to compete with neighboring city officials in a Sock it Out Challenge;

Cops, Socks and Sandwiches, which is an effort by police departments to create a community event to make and pass out sandwiches while collecting socks for those in need;

Sock for Those Who Serve, which is led by a local group to collect socks to benefit military veterans and active service men and women in all branches of the military.

The organization is incredible to work with. They’re very responsive and enthusiastic about what they do. They provided ideas and direction for leading our sock drive and ensuring it’s success. Hope to forge a relationship that will last for years! Pictures to come later this month!


Volunteer 10/01/2022


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