The idea came to co-founder, Susan Lee, while shopping for Thanksgiving dinner items in 2011. Not able to let go of the idea, she emailed a group of friends about the idea of collecting socks through the end of that year and then donating them to local homeless shelters. One of those friends, Phillis Shimamoto, stepped up to assist in the efforts to co-found the organization, and together they led the efforts and collected 575 pair and delivered them locally. During that delivery, they were told how important and how needed they are to the homeless community. So, they expanded their reach to mobilize volunteers to join the efforts by becoming Sock Ambassadors.

The first few years, the efforts were focused in the Denver, Co metro area and was completely led by the efforts of volunteers. By July 2015, the group had received the official 501(c)3 incorporation status and has now served those in need in 41 states. With a mission to provide new socks to men, women & children who are experiencing homelessness and/or who are in need, the organization provides socks to individuals, shelters, veteran groups, as well as clubs and Title 1 schools that are serving under-privileged youth.

To date, that is more than 1.2 million pair of new socks that have been given to cover the feet of those who need them!

Sock It To Em sock campaign was very helpful to a nonprofit I volunteer for in Minnesota. They have gone out of their way to get socks into our hands. They found people in the Minneapolis area to collect socks for us. Not only did they do this once, but twice. The individuals we serve have been blessed by this nonprofit.


Volunteer 10/02/2022


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