It’s the match even Heaven couldn’t have made. Sock Club has now partnered up with Sock it to ‘Em Sock Campaign to help widen our reach and grow our donation efforts in getting socks to people that need them.

Sock Club is a custom sock company based in Austin, Texas committed to making fully customized, high quality, made in USA socks for companies large and small. From Fortune 500 companies to your local mom and pop store, we knit them all. We also offer unique sock subscriptions to freshen up your feet every month, for socks you’ll never find anywhere else.

Sock it to ‘Em Sock Campaign is an official 501(c)3 charitable organization focusing specifically on providing socks to shelters, individuals, organizations, or anyone else in need of a clean pair to protect and maintain their feet. Sock it to Em Sock Campaign is based out of the Denver Colorado metro area, but serves people nationwide. Socks are one of the most desired and least donated things for organizations serving the un-housed and in need, and this organization works tirelessly to fill that need.

Sock Club has long sought to widen our reach for donating socks outside of the Austin area. We here at Sock Club know people out there need socks, and we have socks to give – it’s as simple as that. Through our new efforts in trying to expand our donations, we came across the fantastic organization Sock it to Em Sock Campaign! Starting in August 2022, Sock it to Em Sock Campaign has enabled Sock Club to regularly donate over 1,000 pairs every week, tallying over 9,000 socks and counting, going directly to people who request them.

Effective altruism at its finest.

Those few thousand pairs are only the beginning. Sock Club is working towards donating 100,000 pairs annually, and Sock it to ‘Em is near reaching their 1 million pair mark!

Where people need socks, and socks need people, Sock it to ‘Em Sock Campaign and Sock Club will be there.